Edge Golf

Edge Golf is a comprehensive off-season and in-season conditioning program that focuses on all facets of improved play. Many players spend countless hours on the driving range working on developing the “perfect” swing meanwhile ignoring other aspects that may actually be more important for long term success. This program addresses those aspects of physical and psychological development for golfers at all levels of ability.

Competitive Edge offers complete golf-specific programming in the following areas:

Strength Training

Once thought to hinder the golf swing, strength training is now an essential component for golf performance. Training for both muscular strength and endurance, particularly core strength, is essential for increasing distance, increasing energy and enhancing performance.

Cardiovascular Conditioning

When an athlete gets physically tired, their motor performance suffers. For some this means resorting back to old swing habits or the development of new problems in the swing. Cardiovascular conditioning is essential to sustain a high level of play over the course of a round, a tournament and a season.

Balance & Flexibility

Any swing coach will tell you that a golfer with poor flexibility is a golfer who lacks both distance and accuracy. Much of a golfer’s power comes from the torso, specifically in the ability to rotate the body around the spine. Strength and flexibility here and throughout the body is essential for swing speed, swing path, distance and accuracy.

Mental Skills Training

An area of the game often neglected, Competitive Edge offers complete mental training services to golfers at all levels of skill. From the recreational golfer who seems to talk him or herself into hitting into ponds and out of bounds to the elite golfer who is having difficulty staying in the present and putting poor shots behind them. Services include such topics as:

  • Imagery
  • Goal Setting
  • Concentration and Attention
  • Confidence Building
  • Course Management from tee to green.
  • Overcoming Adversity
  • Practice with a Purpose
  • Zen Principles
Video Conferencing
  • Live streaming video consultation
  • Connect from anywhere in the world
  • Up to 6 video channels per session
  • VIP access to downloadable material
  • Pay your balance online
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